Home automation specialist Jackson, Mississippi

What exactly is home automation?  Home automation can have many meanings. For some it may be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights. For others, security may be the central application. Still others may choose to install advanced controllers or use voice recognition to control every system in the home. As a very basic definition, we tend to refer to home automation as anything that gives you remote or automatic control of things around the home.

Home automation & systems integration

Today’s homes have many separate systems that exist independent of each other: heating and cooling, security, irrigation, lighting, audio/video, telephone, home network, etc. Why not make them part of one system that can control them together as one integrated unit? Once that is in place you can still control everything independently but now have the ability for each system to interact with the other. An example could be that when you arm your alarm to leave the house the interior lights are turned off and air conditioning is set back. Another example could be that if its 10:00 p.m. and the garage door was left open, close it. The system can also contact you by email or text message when any events happen in your home.  A text message could be sent to your cell phone when the outside temperature gets close to freezing reminding you to check on your pets.  You could press a “good night” icon on your touchpad and have the downstairs lights and TV turn off, the thermostat go to a predetermined setting, and your alarm arm to the “stay” mode. Log into your house with your cell phone to turn on your hot tub heater or air conditioner.  The point is that your system is designed around the features that are important to you. You can even start off with the basics and upgrade your system a little at a time.

The days when a single phone line could handle your family communication needs are gone. Our communication needs have drastically changed over the past decade. High speed internet connections, multiple phone lines, digital and high definition TV services, satellite radio, fax machines, and personal media libraries consisting of VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, and MP3s are common in today’s homes.  Structured Wiring is a planned and organized method of wiring that allows for the efficient connection, addition, and future changes of devices in your home. The wires are configured in a “home run” back to a central enclosure where the external services terminate. This allows for easy configuration and reconfiguration without splicing wires in the attic or cutting holes in your walls.

The easiest time to set up home automation for you house is during construction

The time to plan and install the infrastructure to support any technology in your new home or remodel is before the walls are closed.  If you just want speakers on your porch or a dedicated home theater, special wiring and outlet locations need to be addressed before drywall goes up.  This gives us the flexibility to hide wires and components from plain view allowing for a ‘clean’ installation.  Just some of the home theater and whole house audio system options to consider: mounting flat TVs directly to walls or above a mantle, motorized mounts that lower a TV from hidden location in the ceiling or rise vertically from inside a cabinet, multi-room audio that can play different sources in different rooms with each room controlled by its own in wall touchpad.  When it comes to home theater and audio there are many options and price ranges, let us custom design a system that has the features and price range that you want.