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Outdoor kitchen remodel Canton, MS
Outdoor Kitchen and Remodel Canton, MS


Have a great location but an older or out of date home?  How about just running out of space? As the scramble for new land continues, neighborhoods keep getting farther away from everything. We often hear from customers “We really like our current location but need more space. The new home locations would leave us with a 45 minute commute twice a day.” If you have had any of these thoughts then an addition or renovation may be the ideal solution for you.

Update your home to the latest style!

Most older homes were designed with a totally different perspective than today’s homes.  Rooms were smaller, ceilings were lower, and areas compartmentalized, also the changes in plumbing, wiring, insulation, and other materials make for quite a difference in the modern homes of today.  But that older home may be a diamond in the rough.  By adding a master bath, combining two rooms to make one large family or keeping room,  remodeling a kitchen, or adding porch combination outdoor kitchen you can add functionality and value to your existing home.

Contrary to popular opinion, we can remodel while you live in the house.  Although it can be inconvenient at times, we will work with you to minimize some of the problems that can occur. Through careful planning and communication we can the make renovation process as easy as possible.

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The renovation / addition process also allows us to work as your budget allows. We can tackle each phase of the project individually only moving to the next phase when needed.  For example on most additions it is possible to complete site work, foundation, framing, mechanical rough in, drywall, trim, and even paint before we add access to the mail house. This retains your privacy during the project not to mention keeping dust and materials out of your existing house.