Custom Home Projects

Michael flesher custom home builder
Custom home built by Tri County Homes, LLC of Mississippi

The decision to custom build can be difficult and confusing. Choices can be overwhelming not to mention costly. At first glance, the choices that will need to be made seem endless:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • Can I afford the features that are important to me?
  • Does my lot have expansive clay?
  • Should I use re-bar or post tension cables in my foundation?
  • What type of insulation should I use?
  • Prefinished wood floor or sand/stain on site antique pine?
  • Where can I go to see different styles of appliances and fixtures?
  • Satin or eggshell paint?
  • Will my decisions in one area affect other areas of the project and/or budget?
  • What can I do to be more energy efficient?
  • When do I need to have all this picked out?


At Tri County Homes our goal is to work with you to create the custom home you have been imagining while at the same time making the building process as simple and cost effective as possible.  We will answer all your questions and create a unique detailed budget for your project based on the style and features that are important to you.

Custom home construction at a reasonable cost

Building a custom home may seem out of reach financially for many people, but that’s not necessarily the case. It comes down to budgeting.  We will create an unique detailed budget for your project based on a face to face meeting with you and a representative of Tri County Homes.  This will allow you the opportunity to let your taste and budget come to an agreement and also prioritize the features that are important to you.

Consider the case of buying an existing home with an unused room.  Not only are you paying for the unneeded space at the time of purchase there are annual tax and utility costs as well. Why settle for someone else’s floor plan and choices when you can get exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.

Think of the questions that remain unknown when buying an existing home.  Is there clay under my house? Is the foundation constructed properly?  What does the plumbing and electrical look like inside the walls? Are the walls insulated correctly?  What is under the existing floor?  What other hidden surprises are waiting for me that won’t show up on a 3rd party home inspection?  With custom construction you are part of the project from beginning to end and can even make a photographic record of the entire construction process.

Energy efficient construction in Madison & Jackson Mississippi

It is much easier to build an energy efficient home than to upgrade an existing house.  There are tax breaks to help offset the cost of building an energy efficient home.  Consult a tax adviser regarding tax breaks.

At Tri County Homes we love technology but hate exposed wires.  We put in the extra effort to help you integrate all of today’s tech features from a dedicated home theater room to remote or automatic control of devices around your home.  Let us help you hide all those ugly wires and components giving you that clean audio/video installation that goes unnoticed until you turn it on.

Money and features aside, building a custom house can lead to a level of satisfaction that you can’t achieve through buying an existing home.  This is your home that matches your style and personality, that you created from scratch.